Monday, July 4, 2011


Greetings dear friends,

Happy July 4th, Independence Day 2011!

Yes, "we the people" have been blessed to live in the greatest country in all the world--the United States of America! Having grown up a "military child" I have always been aware of that fact and also of just how precious freedom truly is. But, this past week those childhood memories have taken on an even deeper meaning as I bid goodbye to my eighteen year old grandson as he boarded an airplane for West Point and a career in the U.S. Army. The desire of his heart is to grow into the best soldier possible so that he too can help defend this great nation. My love and prayers are with him always as he travels this awesome journey. I am so proud of you Chad!

Today, as we celebrate our great country and the freedoms we all enjoy I hope that we will take the time to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to be born in the United States of America, to our founding fathers the very wise men who built for us a strong foundation on which to build and to the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to protect the very freedoms that we still enjoy today. Those very freedoms have come at a great cost!

America---"a land filled with great opportunities for all people".

America---"the land of the free and the home of the brave".


I love you guys,

John 8:32-You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Today is the last day in the month of January. I can't let this day pass without giving thanks for another anniversary celebration. This month was my anniversary......not my marriage....but, my
second chance at living.

On January 19, 2007, my cancer was removed. That was the day that I grew a "new understanding" of breast cancer and all that goes with it. But, most of all, I learned just how close I could walk with God when I let Him into my every situation. Four years, that is how long it has been-----four years of change and memories and good health.

As I celebrate this anniversary, I will look back and be reminded again and again just how blessed I have been. I will remember that I have been tested, that I am a "living testimony" and that I need to continue to share my life and God's Love Story with others. I know that breast cancer is not my defining story, it is only a part of my story.

Whatever the test, I will never lose hope. I will hold on to the promises of God and I will trust His love as I continue "my journey". Celebrating four years, cancer free, and loving every minute!

I love you guys,

Psalms 4:5 Put your trust in the Lord.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Marvin has been out of town this week so I have been home alone. As I was preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday I had lots of quiet time to reflect, rejoice and give thought to all the many blessings of this year.

Tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving, is also my birthday. That is a blessing too!! Several years ago I stopped counting birthdays by "years" and started counting them by "days". You see, once you have lived with cancer, you realize just how precious every single day truly is. Each new morning is a new gift; another day to experience life, another day to make a difference, another chance to share life with someone else and another reason to simply say, "Another day! Thank you Lord for your blessings on me."

Let's all be found giving thanks, not only at Thanksgiving but EVERY DAY! Happy "thanks-living" dear friends.........

I love you guys,

2 Corinthians 9:11-Being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

OCTOBER IS...........

October is........a time for color and crisp morning air, a time to enjoy the changes in the seasons of the year and a time to "think pink"! October is breast cancer awareness month. Don't forget to do those self-exams and to schedule your yearly mammography. If you suspect anything out of the ordinary have them done right away and demand that you have a mammogram no matter what your age may be.

As I write this blog today, my daughter Pam is taking part in the 2-day Breast Cancer Walk in Atlanta. Pam, I am so proud of you, and Melissa, and all of those who are walking with you today and giving up their weekend to make life better for someone else! Pam is walking in honor of me today (a 3-year cancer survivor), for her 93 year old grandmother (a 54-year cancer survivor) and for all those who have been touched in some way by this disease. I will be there tomorrow to cheer her across the finish line and to give her a great big hug. She is a very special young lady with a great big heart!!!

As the leaves begin to change their colors this month, don't forget the color pink....think pink, wear pink, tell a survivor you love them, give them a big hug, say a prayer for those who are fighting this battle and pray for those whose loved ones have lost the battle as well. Cancer touches the whole family!

Life is precious----"Live" it to the fullest till you reach the end and reach your ultimate goal of eternal life. "Love" with unconditional love; that which you can give and also which you can receive as well. And, don't forget to "Laugh" along the way; find joy even in the hard times it will uplift your spirits and help someone else to smile as well.

Happy "Pink October"!
I love you guys,

Ecclesiastes 3:1--For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This past weekend I helped to host a baby shower at my home for our youngest daughter, Jill. As I sat and watched the friends and family members who attended I was amazed and humbled by the love and great generosity that I was witnessing. They truly did shower her with lots of wonderful gifts for our new baby girl, (due to arrive in June).

Jill's three older sisters and her 15 year old niece, Rebekah, worked very hard to make this day special as well. My heart nearly exploded as I watched them pour out their love to her. Girls, I am so proud of you! Isn't it every mother's dream to watch their children grow up, and, in spite of all their "differences along the way", learn just how special and treasured family really is?

The Lord gave us to each other, how awesome is His plan. Thanks be to God! Treasure your family moments and your special friends. They truly are God's "gift" to you.

Happy Mother's Day!
I love you guys,

James l:17-Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello Friends,

Do you find, like me, that time is traveling way too fast and you would like to stop the
merry-go-around and get off for a little while just to take a deep breath and slow down?
If you're zipping along through life, it's daily tasks and troubles, to get to the "next thing", ask yourself what the next thing is. Is it tomorrows daily tasks and troubles? Next years? Death? Life is happening RIGHT NOW. What we really need is simply to just be there for the day-to-day moments.

We are all feeling the effects of the recession these days. Marvin and I have been experiencing some belt-tightening, unsure moments lately as well. But, I don't want to simply focus on the what-ifs during these difficult days. I want to be also be able to focus on each moment and find joy and gratitude NOW; to experience the "good parts" as well and seize the moment--THIS ONE.

Isn't life lived breath by breath? One thing I have learned in my 63 years is that God never fails. He meets my every need when I trust in Him. When I focus on that, I always find "my attitude of gratitude" and once again am reminded of all that I do have, which is likely all that I really need!

Take a long look today------what we seek is already here, right under our noses-----our blessings and experiences of day to day living! What really matters to you? THAT is what makes life good.

I love you guys, EVERY DAY,

Quote for today: "Enjoy the little things. One day you may look back and realize they were the big things!" by: Dorothy P.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Happy New Year,

I must start out this note with an apology to all of you who never received my annual Christmas greeting. Long before the first of December, I went out and purchased my boxes of Christmas cards and even began jotting notes and addressing many of them but----needless to say, I never got back to finishing them all and getting them in the mail on time. When I realized that time would not permit me to get through my list of friends and family, I just returned the unopened boxes to the store. While I was there (as I entered the store) my eyes caught a big tree filled with many cards hanging all over it. When I went to investigate, I found a "Wish Tree" for a local Senior Citizens Facility. That's when I knew, all was not in vain! At that moment I decided with the money I would get back for the return of the cards and the postage expenses I would save, I could take a few wish cards off of the tree and purchase some items for those precious people who lived there. They didn't ask for much; a lap blanket, some hard candy, some skin lotion and a box of tissues. All in all, "WE" were able to provide those items for several of those people this Christmas. I say "we" because, even though you didn't know it at the time, YOU had a part in making this possible as well. So, thank you for understanding my lack of time management and for knowing that you were still in my heart at Christmas even though the cards never arrived in your mailboxes last year!!

"Last year"--yes it was last year! 2009 has come to an end and a new year has already seen eleven days. How quickly time does fly!!! Every January I find myself pondering what may lie ahead in the coming days of the new year. What opportunities lie ahead? What events may occur that will test our resolve? What new and wonderful blessings will enrich our lives? What will I do that will "really" make a difference? Right now I truly must say I'm still seeking for the answers to many questions. Since God does not allow us to look too far into the future, I must pray and wait for God's direction, ask for His wisdom and then, surrender to where ever that may lead. Some nights I even wake during the very early morning hours with a thought or an idea or a question on my mind.

In our bedroom we have very tall windows with transoms over them so the light always comes in. I'm never sure what hour it is because the sky seems so bright on the nights when the moon is full. It looks like day-break but is really only 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. I was thinking about that the last time I was awake in the wee morning hours by the bright light outside. What ever I do in 2010, I want to be like the moon--reflecting the "Son"--glorifying my Heavenly Father in all things! One by one we can brighten this world and share His light in the year ahead.

Happy New Year to all of you. May your life reflect "His Light" and your blessings be many in 2010!

I love you guys,

Matthew 5:16 --Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.